Guide 2023-01-27
The best read mode with Clearly reader
Reading online can be a tedious experience due to the abundance of distractions and ads. Thankfully, a revolutionary read mode known as Clearly Reader has risen to the forefront of web readers, transforming the way that people engage with content on the web
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Guide 2023-01-18
Effortlessly Enhance Your Technical Reading Experience with Clearly Reader
A valuable tool for tech enthusiasts and professionals, providing a range of features that enhance the reading experience, including code highlighting, stackoverflow integration, and a clutter-free layout.
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Guide 2023-01-11
Unlocking the Power of Speechify: Reading article through TTS
Clearly Reader offers advanced text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities, reader mode, and speechify functionality. With the aid of OpenAI and Microsoft's natural language processing technology
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Guide 2023-01-05
How Clearly Reader's Export Feature Can Enhance Your Reading Experience
Export webpage into various formats, including PDF, Office documents, and Markdown. This feature allows you to save a copy of the content for offline reading or printing, edit and make changes to the text, and use the content in another platform.
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Guide 2023-01-04
Highlight annotation: your key to better reading
now offers a highlight annotation feature for marking and storing important text. The feature can be accessed from any device with the app installed and is useful for marking key points or for use in studies
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Guide 2022-12-16
How to use Paragraph translation
Quickly translate paragraphs in an article to better understand its content. In addition, Clearly Reader also offers the option to fix or remove the translation, allowing users to choose whether to keep the translation while reading the article
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Guide 2022-12-15
How to activatate your PRO account
Clearly Reader is a useful tool that provides a range of pro features to enhance your reading experience. If you have recently purchased Clearly Reader, you may be wondering how to activate these pro features
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Idea 2022-12-03
Best English news website for reading
the best English news websites for reading everyday. They provide the latest news and analysis from around the world, covering a wide range of topics such as politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more
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Idea 2022-11-01
Browser Read Mode: The Best Way to Enjoy Reading
Reading online can be a challenge, with distractions and ads competing for your attention. But with browser read mode, you can enjoy a distraction-free reading experience that is designed to give you the best possible reading experience
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Guide 2022-01-10
Clearly Reader introduce video
We had made a video for learn Clearly Reader, that's better start for you.
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Roadmap 2021-05-14
Clearly Reader 1.15 released
A big changes and we are back
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