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Recent updates:

Version 1.17 (Latest) 2022.04.11

  • [Feature] Speak enhancemented with voice, speed control

    Add speak voices and speed select, interactive highligh when speaking

  • [Feature] Support copy as Markdown and HTML

    You can copy full article as Markdown and HTML

  • [Improve] Improve readability algorithm

    Some minior changes for readability algorithm

  • [Bug fix] Fix the bugs

    Thanks our customers for their feedback

Version 1.16 (Latest) 2022.03.21

  • [Feature] Code syntax highlighting

    The code snippet will be highlighted automatically

  • [Feature] Support PWA website

    Support PWA website content rendering dynamically

  • [Feature] Toogle background color

    The background color can be disabled

  • [Improve] Jump to links

    Click article links will jump to the corresponding paragraph

  • [Improve] Add page loading affect and cover photo

    Some minior changes to improve the effect of page loading

  • [Bug fix] Fix the bugs

    Thanks our customers for their feedback

Version 1.15 (Latest) 2022.03.10

  • [Feature] Export office doc, markdown

    You can export any website to doc, pdf, and markdown

  • [Feature] Setting page wide and open link in window

    Setting page wide for the wide monitor, change if link open in new window

  • [Feature] Article links

    Extract links from article to access quickly

  • [Feature] Open with clearly

    Open any link and enable it automatically

  • [Improve] Print style

    Print what you see is what you get

  • [Improve] Support author name for popular websites

    Support author byline on popular websites

  • [Bug fix] Readability algorithms

    Improve to read better