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Unlock the power of reading with Clearly - the ultimate AI-powered reading tool. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to seamless, effortless reading. With advanced TTS features, reader mode and cloud clipping, you can now focus on the content that matters most to you. Upgrade your reading experience today with Clearly.

★★★★★ (4.8)
Best reading mode, remove advertisements, floating texts, and limitations.
Reading online can be a challenge, with distractions and ads competing for your attention. Now you can enjoy a distraction-free reading experience that is designed to give you the best possible reading experienc.
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Browser TTS and Microsft engine
With cleary text to speech function, It can boost your understanding and help remember more of what you read.You can also choose your favourite voice and configure the rate, pitch.
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Adjust themes, font, size, colors and anything you like
You can choose from a variety of different themes, such as dark mode or light mode, so that you can read comfortably in any lighting condition. You can also customize the font size, line spacing, and margins and more.
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More Features

We also provide additional features to help you better read and understand the article

Remove all necessary distractions and read more attentively
Quickly translate the text word by word or by paragraph
In addition to a variety of themes, you can also customize them
Custom fonts
Choose the font you like, or even the font that comes with your system
PDF, word, markdown and more formats are available for export and quick copy
Clip article
Quickly clip your favorite articles, or even turn them into bookmarks, rss, podcasts
Article extractor
Read the article better with extracting article outline, links, words, estimated time and more
AI Reader
AI will enhance your experience with summary, keyword reading an so on.

What our users say

Clearly has received positive reviews from users since its launch. It has 4.8 stars.
An awesome reading-mode extension with useful embedded functions such as translation and search but remains simple and elegant.
Xindi H
Simplistic and minimalistic reader. Love the interface. Would be really great it if you can make it work with other extensions such as a highlighter app or narrator app
YW Lee
Best extension.I am using it for reading news articles.It prevents me from side poping articles so that i can focus one one article at a time.